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Teams Responsibilities to the Host

In order to make your "Classic" experience the best it can be, we need to get some information about your team.

Below you will find links to each form you will need to submit.

1.  Signed Contract:  remit to

Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Ironton High School, 1701 South 7th Street, Ironton, Ohio, 45638.  Email:

2. Picture and Roster remit to the following:  Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Email: , Ron Ross, Media Director. , Jenny, Printing Express,  Phone: (740) 532-7003

3. Team Profile: (Team Profile Form word pdf.)  Remit to Ron Ross, Media Director.  AND  Jenny, Printing Express,  Phone: (740) 532-7003

Ad/Sponsor (OPTIONAL) If you desire, your school or any organization you authorize may sponsor your team’s page in the program.  Cost:$200, check payable to “Ironton Athletic Department”. If you have any questions or would like to preview an example of a page, contact Jenny at PrintingExpress,  Phone: (740) 532-7003.

5. 22 person pass list. (Pass List Form word pdf )(players, coaches, support staff) . Remit to:  Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Ironton High School. Email:

6. 12 person cheerleader pass list (if attending include: cheerleaders, coach, mascot),(Click to open-Pass List for Cheerleaders Form word pdf).  Remit to:  Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Ironton High School.  Email: AND Ron Ross, Media Director.  Email:

7. Shirt sizes for players and coaches: (Click to open-Shirt Order Form word pdf).  Remit to:  Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Ironton High School.    Email:

8. Itinerary and Contact Information. ( Itinerary Form word pdf)  An itinerary for needs form must be created with your Team Manager when he/she contacts your school.  Among other things, we need contact information..  If staying overnight, we need to set up gym time for a short practice if desired.  Remit to:  Mark LaFon, Athletic Director, Ironton High School.. Email:


Team Profile Form word pdf

Itinerary Form word pdf

Pass List Form word pdf

Pass List for Cheerleaders Form word pdf

Shirt Order Form word pdf

Schedule of Games word pdf




Committee Chairman: Mark LaFon
Tournament Director: Kevin Hacker
Media Director: Ron Ross
Ironton High School Athletic Director: Mark LaFon


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Bronze Sponsors include: Rax Restaurant, Bartram's Grocery and Coca Cola Bottling Co.

A Special Thanks To All Of Our Sponsors!

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Last Revised:12/6/17

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